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Coaching for parents

These 6 session packages are for you if you notice something not working the way you would love: in the relationship between you and your child, in the way you handle things, or in your family.

Pay $750 for six sessions (6 sessions  for the price of 5). After your purchase,  Anna will be in touch with you to  arrange your session times 

Mum looking overwhelmed and triggered

Getting un-triggered

Are you getting upset, annoyed, irritated a lot? Do you explode and then regret it? Do you shout more than you enjoy? Get the support you need and understand the buttons your child pushes

Mum juggling bottles and phone call

Moving through overwhelm

Do you feel like you’re constantly on the edge of burnout, or that your emotions are just under the surface? Our sessions help you access more ease, joy and spaciousness in your daily life

Mum feeling guily while looking at laptop


Are you constantly feeling mum guilt - that whatever you do you is just not good enough? Together, we listen to your voice of guilt, track who it belongs to, and translate it into a supportive voice

Mum and baby looking joyful

Discovering Motherhood

Are you pregnant or a new Mum? Do you want to intentionally move through the beginnings of this new season of your life, so you can see how it weaves into other aspects of your identity? 
We work together to explore this new identity for you, so that you can do motherhood "your way".

Parents on opposite sides clashing

When parenting views clash

Do you and your partner or you and your co-parent have different view on important aspects of parenting? This package supports you in understanding your values and reasons for your views. It can be done solo, or both parties participating

Your unique scenario

Create your own tailored 6 session package based around your parenting hopes, dreams, concerns or triggers. Together we walk walk to where you want to be. 

Please note

During all sessions my job is to support you in finding ways to communicate with yourself and your child, and a way to parent that is aligned with how you want to do it, and if you’re booking a parent support session I might offer some insights that will help you understand where your child is at developmentally. I will not offer a diagnosis of your child, and these sessions are not meant to replace psychological intervention or therapy.

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