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Support for parents

These 6 session packages are for you if you notice or are concerned by your child's behaviour and seek more ways to support them

Pay $750 for six sessions (6 sessions  for the price of 5). After your purchase,  Anna will be in touch with you to  arrange your session times 

Grumpy kid frowning next to Dad

My child’s
big feelings!

Do you notice that your child gets overwhelmed by big emotions? And would you like to get some tools and insight to help them move through sadness, fear, upset? Together, we understand your child's behaviours and look at how to respond to them - so you both feel supported

Child struggling to cope

My child just won’t listen

Is your child’s default to your every request a “no”, “nope” or “you’re not the boss of me”? Do you find it really challenging to get them to brush their teeth, walk out the door, or go to school? Over six sessions, I support you to come back to intuitive self, so you can understand the 'no's' and help facilitate more yes-es!

Child screaming out loud

Move through anger together

Concerned about your child’s anger? Would you like to support them as they hit, kick, scream? We collaborate to uncover where your child’s anger or frustration come from and discover how to support them to move through it

teenager in bed during day

My teenager is driving me nuts!

Have you entered a teenage stage of parenting and suddenly nothing you’ve used so far is working? Are you finding it really hard to communicate with them? Enter this new season of parenting feeling connected to your child throughout their wild & wonderful teenage years

Child being told off, child looks away

Move away from punishment and reward

Keen to parent without punishments, but you’re not sure how? Are you struggling to find a way of engaging with your child that does not involve bribes or threats? During our sessions I support you to connect with your values, then find strategies that best support parenting from that place.

Your unique scenario

Create your own tailored 6 session package based around the things that you long for, the things you need and the things that worry, concern or trigger you

Please note

During all sessions my job is to support you in finding ways to communicate with yourself and your child, and a way to parent that is aligned with how you want to do it, and if you’re booking a parent support session I might offer some insights that will help you understand where your child is at developmentally. I will not offer a diagnosis of your child, and these sessions are not meant to replace psychological intervention or therapy.

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